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Never Come Around
©1998 Pat Dube. All Rights Reserved.

I'm so drawn here I could never change 
Don't think I want to anyway 
I've picked my numbers, put my chips down 
This time I'll win, I can feel it now 

Was everything done here since I was born 
To only lead to this and nothing more 
With what I've got here I ain't leaving yet 
I'm going nowhere till I've placed my last bet 

 Another chance like this, may never come around 

 It's a wonder how you can miss 
When I'm standing right in front like this 
So uptight and feeling restless 
I won't take or tare your dreams apart 

So if you want to give me a try 
I think that I can wait a while 
I won't drag you down if you resist me 
You may never have another chance like this 

Another chance like this, may never come around 

Will you ever, come around? 

© 1998 Pat Dube. All Rights Reserved.

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©2000 Shooting Rubys. All Rights Reserved.

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