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Out of Touch
©1998 Pat Dube. All Rights Reserved.
I don't know where to start 
Should I rush it through, to later take it apart 
Or take my time 
Do it right and get this straight off my heart 

Here we are in misery 
Penniless and empty again 
When we should be basking in the sun 
To stop and take a break would be fun 

Did I miss my calling? 
Is it maybe why I feel I'm crawling? 
To the next destination 
With all this apprehension 

I float through the door 
Just to keep on moving forward 
Everybody's screaming to be heard 
We fall into this catchy chorus 

Playing our epiphany 
Turn our dreams into reality 
When I make my stand 
I want to take you with me 

Here I am when I could be home 
Playing the fool that you've always known 
Out of touch and out of tune 
With the rest of the world. 

© 1998 Pat Dube. All Rights Reserved.

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©2000 Shooting Rubys. All Rights Reserved.

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