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You sure we should let him drive?

Keep us out of the endorsements for now...

Oh look, the back of a van!

Look they painted a mural of our effigy!

Look, they put our name up in lights!

Look, they closed the fucking bar!

I didn't make the lights flicker. It was the voices... I swear!

Plotting the return to Kingston, we
will not be defeated!

Hey, anybody know where the can is ?

I know what'll pick up our morale!

Damned, he found me in here too.

Just smile and he'll go away...

No one is going to sleep now!

I'll trade you the woman for a bottle.

Sounds like an o.k. deal to me

Wanna hear how good this thing can really sound. I'll put the Vox on 4 with a...

Stevie wonder really moves us.

What do you mean "we have a drinking problem.

Bahey, anybogy know haglamcneoi

Sure, I'll have anotherrrr, I can handle it!


Shadow puppet Pat

You're right, your belly button does smell better.

Dee, put the dog down, we just want to talk.

I love you little plastic box.


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